Case Studies

IoT-Based Tracking Solution for a
Global Retail Cold Chain

The client offers a holistic temperature monitoring solution in the retail food supply chain that tracks delivery vehicle locations, driving behavior, temperature, and warehouse temperature compliance on a single dashboard, with over a 100 installations up and running

Solution Overview

Monitoring product temperature throughout the retail cold chain is challenging. Using our solution, trucks are tracked via GPS and the product temperature is tracked and recorded in real-time over cell tower infrastructure. The IoT sensors are small and battery-powered, so the installation is simple, both for large line-haul trucks and small regional vehicles in the last mile of delivery. No more using multiple systems and attempting to piece data together manually.

Digital Engagement Platform or a Construction and
Restoration Company

The client specializes in construction and restoration services and they needed a mobile-friendly CRM solution to transform their processes.

Solution Overview

GeekBull implemented a SaaS-based solution which included a 360° digital engagement platform with features such as lead tracking, document management, vendor management, team management, equipment management, expense tracking, contacts and calendar.